The process of digitizing the information on architects and architecture from both of these British architectural journals is a simple one. The citations listed in our Index include:

  1. Descriptions and illustrations of proposed new buildings, or recently completed or newly opened buildings.
  2. Descriptions and illustrations of designs submitted in architectural competitions (both winning schemes and those designs not premiated)
  3. References to architectural obituaries (often accompanied by valuable dated lists of works)
  4. Biographies of architects and artists, often published on the occasion of major awards which are presented to the architect or artist in question,
  5. Articles on artists and their works, particularly those who execute murals, painting, sculpture or metal craft work integrated into the fabric of new or existing buildings.
  6. Archeological reports and examination of ancient architecture.

Because of the sheer volume of information published in these journals, we have found it necessary at this time to exclude articles on the following subjects: legal issues, sanitary systems, structural engineering, road works, surveying, wage rates, mechanical engineering, financial reports, specification writing, and other topics which do not relate to the activity and accomplishments of architects and the practice of architecture.